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Thank you for visiting FFAR COTTON PROMOTIONS. Please check out our vast wealth of musical talent available for corporate entertainment, festivals and concerts.  As well as promoting all genres of music at large and small venues,  we also provide live music for many types of sporting events.


Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.  This is such a difficult time for us all.  Our artists are keeping themselves busy, creating new works, planning new projects, exploring on-line opportunities and also taking some time out to relax.  As soon as we have news that venues are beginning to open up again, we will be back with loads of confirmed dates for performances and tours.  Please keep checking our website.  Thank you x



James & Black will be back in the UK during 2021.


“Ma Bessie” (Julia Titus) and her Blues Troupe are playing to sell-out crowds. Celebrating the amazing contribution that Bessie Smith made to the blues with a narrated show and 21 tracks.  Nicknamed the “Empress of the Blues” she was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s.  She is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era and also had a major influence on jazz singers at that time.

SAM KELLY’S STATION HOUSE – still funkin’ off them blues

Fans across the World have waited more than ten years for news of a new SAM KELLY’S STATION HOUSE album.   “No Barricades” portrays the musical vibe and on-stage camaraderie of this established line-up – at times, showcasing the individual talents of each one of these accomplished musicians yet, within a heartbeat, reverting to a tight unit of exciting entertainment. The new SAM KELLY’S STATION HOUSE album “No Barricades” has been released and selling fast.    The album also acknowledges the great works of TW Henderson incorporating a selection of tracks from “The Wilderness Years” album.   One of the most powerfultracks entitled “Black & White” has been captured on video.

Booking details coming soon